What is Share?

  • Share Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 1969 by a coalition of local faith communities to help meet the emergency needs of the less fortunate in McLean and the nearby areas of Northern Virginia
  • We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff, no office, and no paid fundraisers- therefore virtually all donations get passed along to clients
  • Last year we provided services to more than 2500 families with over 7500 people, most of which are children
  • It currently takes more than 1000 volunteer hours per month to run our programs, so we are always recruiting new volunteers

Who are our Clients?

  • Our clients can best be described as the working poor- they all work or have some regular income from pension, etc. since we don’t provide enough assistance for anyone to live on in this area. However, their incomes can’t cover dislocations such as the loss of job, reduced working hours,  or serious health problems.
  • Our clients include: economically distressed families and individuals, seniors living on limited pensions (often facing medical issues), impoverished immigrants, and victims of spousal abuse as well as recently homeless folks.
  • Clients are referred to us from participating faith communities, county social services, and a number of non-profit groups serving special needs (such as the victims of spousal abuse or the formerly homeless).

What are our Major Programs?

  • Food and Clothing Rooms – In donated space at the McLean Baptist Church we run a food pantry and clothing room, which currently distribute around 700 bags of groceries and 200 bags of clothing each month.
  • Family Assistance – Through our crisis intervention program, we pay bills to avoid evictions, utility cutoffs, medical emergencies, etc. by working in close cooperation with Fairfax County. Last year we spent about $135,000 on crisis interventions.
  • Furniture Program – Share owns two trucks which enable our furniture exchange program to provide donated used furniture to needy families.
  • In 2012 we also provided:
    • 212 free rides; mostly transportation for seniors going to medical appointments
    • New school supplies for 210 needy children in the fall
    • Holiday baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter; they contained Staples and food gift certificates
    • Free Christmas gifts for about 250 families at our Holiday Celebration
    • Over 50 refurbished computers and 13 printers to needy families with school-age children in an initiative created and operated solely by high-school age students

What are Share’s Current Needs?

  • As always, we are totally dependent on private donations to support our programs since we receive no government funding. Since the recession in 2008, the number of clients seeking our assistance has doubled. However, the generosity of our benefactors has allowed us to continue offering our traditional levels of services to the our increasing number of clients.
  • If you would like to donate, please click on the “Donate Funds” button under the “How You Can Help” tab above!
Share's Furniture Program is in major need of drivers and helpers. Please visit the Furniture Program page if you are interested in volunteering for the Furniture Program. The Food Pantry is in major need of supplies! Please visit the Food Pantry page and check Facebook to see how you can help the Food Pantry. Thank you for supporting Share!