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Our Program

Computers are an essential requirement for many families in need, especially college students. Our technology team is working to keep up with the demand for refurbished laptops. 

Share’s technology program has provided over 600 computers to registered clients.

Many of our volunteers are local high school students interested and proficient in IT, but anyone with IT knowledge or computer repair skills is welcome to help."

Donate a 

Share accepts new and used laptops with Windows 10 and above. We cannot accept laptops older than 5 years old or with broken components.

We understand concerns about sensitive personal data on donated computers.  All donated equipment is kept in a locked room under video surveillance. Computers are never booted up upon donation, but are re-formatted so that no previous information remains. If a hard drive cannot be used, it is destroyed so that no recoverable data remains.


Please bring laptop donations to Share during our normal food pantry hours.    Please click here to see a list of

Acceptable IT Donations.

Company Donations:

Please email us at to discuss what your company has to donate.  Our volunteers will arrange delivery or possible pick up.

Request a

At present we do not have any laptops available.


The Share Technology Program distributes laptops to our neighbors in need who receive service from any of Share’s programs on a regular basis (MacBooks may be distributed upon special request). Each Share neighbor is eligible for one computer, however exceptions are possible for families based on certain circumstances. 

Is Your Share Computer Broken?  Share offers lifetime maintenance for computers it provides. To know if your computer is eligible for repair, please email



Share would like to express sincere appreciation and gratitude to our technology lab volunteers (in photo below:  Thomas, Andrew, Grant (behind), Allen and Nehru) for their dedication and commitment to Share's cause this past year.  Congratulations to these graduates- they have achieved impressive milestones and all of their hard work has truly paid off.


Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering for our technology program.


Our technology volunteers work in the technology lab for one Saturday morning each month to help diagnose and troubleshoot problems associated with donated computer equipment.  


Skill requirements include the ability to build and repair computers and have some proficiency with programming languages such as Python, HTML, Java, C++, or SQL.  


For further details, please send an email to

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