• Increasingly, schools and employers are requiring access to a computer to complete work at home and our technology program is working to keep up with the demand for refurbished laptops.

  • Through our technology program, over 400 computers and 100 brand-new printers have been given to families.

  • Many of our volunteers are local high school students interested in IT, but anyone with IT knowledge or computer repair skills is welcome to help.

  • This key program is dependent on the donation of laptops by individuals and businesses in the area.  For information on how to donate computers and what we accept, please see below.

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Technology Office
Technology Office

The Technology Program is housed at the McLean Baptist Church.

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Donated and refurbished laptops
Donated and refurbished laptops

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I need a computer


The Share Technology Program distributes laptops with Windows 10 to our neighbors in need who receive service from any of Share’s programs on a regular basis. Each Share neighbor is eligible for one computer, however exceptions are possible for families based on certain circumstances. 

Please stop by the Food Pantry on any regular opening and speak with

a volunteer to request a laptop.

Is Your Share Computer Broken?

The Share Technology Program offers a lifetime maintenance guarantee to all clients with computers distributed to them by the Share Technology Program. Computers not distributed by Share are not eligible for maintenance.

To know if your computer is from Share, it must have an identification number of AXXX, BXXX, or CXXX (Example: A010, B167, or C019).

If your computer is a laptop, the identification number will look like BXXX (Example: B167). The identification number can be found as the computer name, written in the battery casing, on a piece of tape on the laptop, or under a barcode taped onto the laptop.

If your computer is a desktop, the identification number will look like AXXX or CXXX (Example: A010 or C019). The identification number can be found as the computer name, written in the desktop casing, or on a piece of tape on the desktop.

I want to volunteer


Volunteers are responsible for all program operations. The experience gained by volunteering at the Share Technology Program is extremely valuable. By volunteering for the Share Technology Program, you learn about business, leadership, and IT.  Current program leaders and volunteers often pursue paid IT work using the skills they develop by volunteering with the Share Technology Program.

What we look for in a volunteer

  • High self-motivation

  • Strong communication skills

  • Leadership potential

  • Some computer hardware, software or coding experience

  • Ability to commit at least three hours per week mainly on Saturdays


Please fill out this form if you are interested or email

I want to donate a laptop


We understand concerns about potentially sensitive data and information on donated computers’ hard drives. At the Share Technology Program, we take data security very seriously. All donated equipment is kept in a locked room under motion detection video surveillance. Computers are never booted up upon donation, and are instead formatted to DoD standards and the operating system (OS) is reinstalled, so none of the previous information on your computer remains. If a hard drive cannot be used (e.g. breaks or is too small in capacity), it is dismantled and destroyed in such a way to ensure that no recoverable data remains.

How can my company donate?


Please reach out to us by emailing so we can discuss what your company is looking to donate. One of our volunteers will work with you to arrange appropriate logistics. If your company is donating a higher quantity of equipment, we may be able to pick it up directly from your corporate office or warehouse.

Please bring laptop donations to Share during our normal food pantry hours. If something is not listed  below but you would consider it suitable for donation to this program, please contact us at

Acceptable items

  • Any working or broken laptop originally shipped with Windows 7 or later

  • Any Mac computer (desktop or laptop, regardless of condition and age)

  • Cables (VGA/DVI, Ethernet, power, etc.)

  • Wireless networking cards and adapters

  • Routers, switches, and other network components

  • Computer components (e.g. video, sound, and network cards, memory, power supplies, etc.)

  • Operating system and Microsoft Office installation/restore discs

  • Hard drives (HDDs 120GB or larger and SSDs)

  • Servers originally shipped with Windows Server 2012 or later

  • Keyboards and mice in good condition

  • Speakers

Unacceptable items

Items that Share cannot accept:

  • Printers

  • Scanners

  • Windows Desktops

  • Computer monitors

  • Any computer suffering from liquid damage

  • CD/DVD (optical) drives

  • Televisions of any size or type