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WANTED:  Adult Technology Technician 
  1. Proficiency in some of the following: Python, HTML, JAVA, C#, C++ and SQL. 
  2. Working experience troubleshooting different brands of laptops (Dell, HP,  Apple, and others.) 


  1. Diagnose and order parts to refurbish donated computer equipment

  2. Work a minimum of three hours (9:30 to 12:30) in the Share technology lab one Saturday per  month.  

Interested volunteers should contact  
  • Increasingly, schools and employers are requiring access to a computer to complete work at home and our technology program is working to keep up with the demand for refurbished laptops.

  • Through our technology program, over 600 computers and 100 brand-new printers have been given to families.

  • Many of our volunteers are local high school students interested in IT, but anyone with IT knowledge or computer repair skills is welcome to help.

  • Share Technology Program volunteers also support Share’s internal IT operations and networking on social media platforms.

  • This important program is dependent on the donation of laptops by individuals and businesses.  For information on how to donate computers and what we accept, please see below.

I Need a Computer

The Share Technology Program distributes laptops with current Windows 10 or 11 software to our neighbors in need who receive service from any of Share’s programs on a regular basis (MacBooks may be distributed upon special request). Each Share neighbor is eligible for one computer, however exceptions are possible for families based on certain circumstances. 

Please stop by the Food Pantry on any regular opening and speak with

a volunteer to request a laptop.

Is Your Share Computer Broken?

The Share Technology Program offers a lifetime maintenance guarantee to all clients with computers obtained from Share. To know if your computer is eligible for repair, please email

I Want to Volunteer

Our high school intern program is full.  Below are job descriptions for Summer 2023.  Please fill out our Intern Interest Form to join our waiting list.


Technology Intern Job Descriptions

1. Software and Web Development

2. Social Media

3. Finance and Donations

4. Program Process and Documentation

5. Technology Technician

The experience gained by volunteering at the Share Technology Program is extremely valuable.  Participants often pursue paid IT work using the skills they develop by volunteering with the Technology Program. 

What we look for in a volunteer

  • High self-motivation

  • Strong communication skills

  • Leadership potential

  • Some computer hardware, software or coding experience

  • Ability to commit at least four hours per week mainly on Saturdays

  • Willingness to learn and uphold Share’s values


Please fill out this form if you are interested or email

I Want to Donate a Computer

Please click here for list of items we can accept: 

 Acceptable IT Donations

We understand concerns about potentially sensitive data and information on donated computers’ hard drives. At the Share Technology Program, we take data security very seriously. All donated equipment is kept in a locked room under motion detection video surveillance. Computers are never booted up upon donation, and are instead formatted to DoD standards and the operating system (OS) is reinstalled, so none of the previous information on your computer remains. If a hard drive cannot be used (e.g. breaks or is too small in capacity), it is dismantled and destroyed in such a way to ensure that no recoverable data remains.

Please bring laptop donations to Share during our normal food pantry hours. 

How Can My Company Donate?

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