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Dear Friends —

Through all that Share does I try to remind myself that we don’t offer our programs for ourselves, for our own good, for our pride, for our image in the community, but rather we give our time and efforts to those we serve — the many who have far less than we have — the many who come for pantry replenishment, for clothes for their backs, for gifts to share at Holiday time, for school supplies for their children, for a table to gather their family around for meals, for a bed to sleep on, for help with a utility bill or a rent payment, for a computer to help them or a family member with their school work, for soccer shoes so their son or daughter can play on a school team, or travel money so a child can be with the school choir as it visits concert venues.

I am thankful for our many volunteers and our very generous donors, but I am most thankful for our clients — for those who wait in lines. . .

I recently came across this prayer shared by a neighborhood woman each week before Saturday distributions of groceries at a food pantry very similar to Share’s. May it touch your heart as it did mine.

We thank you, Lord, for our lying down last night and our rising up this morning. We thank you that the walls of our room were not the walls of our grave, that our bed was not our cooling board nor our bed clothes our winding sheet. We thank you for the feet that are coming through this line for food today and the hands that are giving it out. We know, Lord, that you’re coming through this line today, so help us to treat you right. Yes, Lord, help us to treat you right.

Blessings to all who help to make Share what it is today, especially our clients. I hope we treat you right!

Don Frickel


Remembering Vic Kimm

On November 19, 2021, Share lost a longtime and tireless champion of Share's mission to help our neighbors in need.  

His obituary describes his many professional accomplishments but we remember him for his energetic commitment to Share's programs, especially our furniture program.   To get a sense of his impact, please read Randy Glantz's moving tribute to Vic and his work with Share.  

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