“…. Some of us need to give; some of us need to receive. Some of us walk into Share and are changed; some of us walk out of Share and are changed. All of us are needy, and all of us have needs met through Share …. we are community …. When kindness and compassion are exchanged each person is strengthened. When goodness is our currency, everyone is rich.”   -Rev. Michael Catlett, retired McLean Baptist Church  pastor.  



 Step 1:  Visit the food pantry office during our regular hours. See our About Us Page for our hours and dates we are closed. 

Step 2: Bring with you: a piece of recent official mail with your current address, a photo ID, and proof of financial need (such as SNAP, TANF, paystubs, low-income housing, etc.).

Step 3: If approved, you may begin shopping at the pantry that day.

Step 4: Sign-up to be a member of the online Share page through the yellow banner at the top of this page for access to online forms, announcements, and email notifications. 

Share Pantry &
Clothing Room


1)   Every client must bring their photo ID each time they visit the pantry.

2)   You may not use your shopping bags, your friend or relative, or anything else to save your spot in line.  Only YOU may hold your spot in line. No exceptions!

3)   Each shopper must have his/her own number.  If you are shopping for a friend or relative who is a separate client, please ask for 2 numbers. The other person’s ID is required to shop for them.

4)   Please don’t overfill your shopping bags.  Many of our volunteers are senior citizens and can’t carry heavy bags.  We would rather you take 4 bags that are lightly filled than 2 super heavy bags.

5)   Please DO NOT leave food, clothing, or any other items or bags in the hallway!  Take your items to your car before shopping for clothing. Share cannot be responsible for stolen items.

6)   Please notice our new signs on the food pantry shelves.  This will help you to know how many of each item per family you may take.  Please limit yourselves to no more the assigned limit.


We all look forward to serving you at Share during 2019!   Please let us know if you have any questions.


Fairfax County Coordinated Services Planning is the main source of information on resources available to residents of the county.  Tel: 703-222-0880