Family Assistance

Do You Need Help?

Individuals  are referred to Family Assistance by the  Fairfax County Coordinated Services department at (703) 222-0880 or by calling the Share answering service directly at (703) 229-1414.  Callers phoning the answering service directly must reside in the Share service areas of McLean, Great Falls, and Pimmit Hills, which includes the zip codes, 22101, 22102, 22066 and 22043.  Once a client leaves a message with the Share answering service, the Family Assistance Coordinator will call back to determine the need and qualifications for assistance.

How You Can Help

Please consider donating to your neighbors in need!  Click the “Donate Funds” button under the “How You Can Help” tab above.  Share is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Volunteering As A Family Assistance Coordinator

Be the contact person for individuals or social workers to arrange payment of rent, utilities, prescriptions and other needs in accordance with Share guidelines.  Coordinators take calls for one week and can work from home or the office.  See the volunteer job descriptions page for more information.

Family Assistance Statistics

Last year Share responded to 1,200 calls to assist people in Fairfax County in need of urgent help with payments for rent, utilities, medical services, prescriptions etc. Share distributed over $140,631 to 815 households with 2,320 family members during FY2014. The Family Assistance Program provides emergency financial assistance to individuals to help them get through a short-term crisis or family emergency. It may be hard to believe that individuals need financial assistance in our prosperous communities, but there are many people living paycheck to paycheck, or others who have lost their jobs during the economic downturn and haven’t been able to find work.

Share's Furniture Program is in major need of drivers and helpers. Please visit the Furniture Program page if you are interested in volunteering for the Furniture Program. The Food Pantry is in major need of supplies! Please visit the Food Pantry page and check Facebook to see how you can help the Food Pantry. Thank you for supporting Share!