Share Food and Clothing Closing Dates and Policy

2017 Food and Clothing Room Closings

• Sat, Jan 14 (MLK Birthday Weekend)
• Sat, February 18 (President’s Day Weekend)
• Sat, April 15 (Easter Weekend)
• Sat, May 27 (Memorial Day Weekend)
• Sat, July 1 (Independence Day Weekend)
• Sat, September 2 (Labor Day Weekend)
• Sat, October 7 (Columbus Day Weekend)
• Wed, November 22 (Thanksgiving)
• Sat, December 9 (Holiday Celebration)
• Sat, December 23 (Christmas)
• Sat, December 30 (New Year’s Weekend)

Share’s Inclement Weather Policy

Share’s decision to close is based on the status of Fairfax County Public Schools. If FCPS is closed on Wednesday, Share is closed on Wednesday. If there is a 2-hour delay on Wednesday, Share is closed on Wednesday. If FCPS is closed on Friday, Share is closed on Saturday. If bad weather comes Friday night/Saturday morning, Share will be closed if Fairfax County schools are closed for Saturday activities.

To hear about closings, please check local radio and television stations, FCPS Red Apple Channel 21, the FCPS website:, or FCPS’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Share's Furniture Program is in major need of drivers and helpers. Please visit the Furniture Program page if you are interested in volunteering for the Furniture Program. The Food Pantry is in major need of supplies! Please visit the Food Pantry page and check Facebook to see how you can help the Food Pantry. Thank you for supporting Share!